Benders vs Mandrel bends

Benders vs Mandrel bends

Whats the difference between using a bending machine and using mandrel bends? There are huge fore and against for either. 

The main advantages of a bending machine ,is that you can custom make your own bends. When building a custom exhaust system you might need a weird angle that you can't get from a mandrel bend.

On a bending machine, depending on the model, you can often custom make hanger bar for exhaust systems. You can also use the flaring tools to flare tube to bigger diameters. 

Having a bending machine also means you don't need to stock expensive mandrel bends. You can just stock tube and use this to create your own. 

However, bending machines are expensive pieces of equipment and can cost up to £20,000 for a top of the range one. They can also effect exhaust flow as the tube gets slightly crushed when being bent. 

Mandrel bends are pre made bends usually found in 45 and 90 degree angles. They are ideal if you don't own a bending machine and want to use a perfect bend (as apposed to a machine bent bend which can effect exhaust flow).  

 We sell bending machines if you are interested in buying one, we also sell mandrel bends. Contact us if you want to discuss bending machines.