BECOME A DEALER - Ever thought about opening a Tuning shop Garage?

Our tuning franchise allows you to open a fully equiped tuning shop. We help you from start to finish to go from £0 to £150k+ in year 1


You're not just entering into a ‘give it a go’ business, the TopGear Tuning franchise model has been proven to work and generate £150k+1 turnover in year one.

We already have a few, carefully selected units positioned across the UK to ensure the market won’t be saturated and maximum profit can be achieved by you.


With our franchise package you get all the necessary tools and equipment to go from empty to a fully operational tuning shop within months. The set up can include but depends on your level:

- Use of our name and correct licenses
- Entered on our franchise map
- Premises search
- Interior set up
- Training (business & practical)
- Search for employee
- Signage and banners
- Marketing material
- Allocated postcode area
- Remapping equipment
- Stable battery charger

- 10 tuning files
- Diagnostic device
- 2 poster lift
- Air compressor including fitting
- Air tools
- Stock of chrome tips
- Stock of exhaust pipe and materials
- Exhaust stands
- Relevant tools
- Unlimited support
- Access to trade accounts for parts
- Heavy duty hydraulic bending machine
- MIG and/or TIG welding equipment
- Exclusive aftermarket parts to sell

Finance options available. If you are already an
established business/dealer, we can add the relevant items from the
list into your business

MOBILE OPTION - Van Franchise

You can also add our TopGear Tuning van, which a few of our static garage based dealers use to offer mobile tuning in their local areas. This is an ideal way of
generating extra income for your business.

With this option, you provide us with a van of your choice, we then fully build the van into a mobile workshop including
high spec inverters for running your battery charger and Carbon Clean machines, a workbench for carrying our ECU removals
and finally a custom sign-written van.

If you are interested in finding out more info please email us at or call us on 01902 302391