• Whats the difference between master and slave tools??

    As a master user, the files you read are clear. This gives you the option to work with multiple file providers, or even do the tuning yourself. As a slave, only your master will be able to decrypt your files. This means that you are bounded to work with one file provider.

  • Can I upgrade my slave tool to master?

    Yes, a slave tool can be upgraded to master for a fee. The upgrade is available through your master. Note that the approval from your current master is mandatory and can only be puchased through them.

  • Can I transfer my slave tool to another master? (change master)

    Yes, for a fee you will be able to transfer to a new master. Note that the approval from your current master is mandatory.

  • How do I setup the software?

    A link to download the software is available on the USB key within the AutoTuner suitcase.

  • Normal read Vs. Virtual Read?

    A normal read refers to a file extracted directly from the ECU, while a virtual read is obtained from the Autotuner database based on the hardware and software identification.

  • I've bought a slave tool, who will be my file provider?

    When you purchase a slave Autotuner through this site, you will receive high-quality files from Topgear Tuning, a reputable company based in Wolverhampton.

  • What solutions can the autotuner do?

    Think of the Autotuner as a device for reading and writing files. It does not enable you to add a Stage 1 tune or a DPF solution directly. These modifications are made using separate software, which allows you to edit the read file obtained from the autotuner, usually Winols.

  • What features does the Autotuner have?

    - Reading and writing of engine control units and gearboxes

    - Automatic checksum correction

    - Live datalogging, back to stock

    - Dtc diagnostics.