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Ideally purchased and used with the Diesel Particulate Filter Activator product.

Engineered to safely remove carbon and ash deposits from diesel particulate filters without any dismantling needed. WILITA DPF Cleaner and Activator Set dissolves hardened, dense and encrusted soot and ash contaminants on the surface of diesel particulate filters and then, regenerates the diesel particulate filter by removing soften carbon and ash deposits from the DPF. It helps improve engine performance and reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Most DPF regains its complete absorption capacity after being cleaned, depending on the condition of the particulate filter. Regular service may extend the lifespan of DPF and avoid expensive replacement cost.


1. Remove carbon and ash deposits from diesel particulate filters.
2. Regenerate the performance of the diesel particulate filter.
3. Reduce exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.
4. Eliminate output losses or problems caused by soiled diesel particulate filters. 
5. Clears and regenerates blocked soiled filters without dismantling.
6. Loosens and removes carbon deposits in particulate filters.