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Enhancing Performance: Jaguar F-Pace EGR Solution and Power Boost

Enhancing Performance: Jaguar F-Pace EGR Solution and Power Boost

At our workshop, we recently had the pleasure of working on a stunning Jaguar F-Pace, a luxury SUV known for its dynamic performance and elegant design. Equipped with a 3.0L, 295bhp diesel engine, this vehicle is a powerhouse on wheels. However, even the best machines can benefit from some fine-tuning. Here’s a glimpse into how we diagnosed and fixed an EGR fault and added a power boost with our blend remap.

Diagnosing the EGR Fault

The customer came to us with an EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) fault. This common issue can affect engine performance and efficiency, leading to decreased power and increased emissions if not addressed. Using our expertise and advanced tools, we tackled the EGR issue head-on.

We utilized the Autotuner tool to communicate with the Bosch EDC17CP55 ECU through the onboard diagnostic port (OBD). This precise communication allowed us to accurately identify and read the ECU and its fault codes. Once the EGR fault was identified, we implemented the necessary corrections, ensuring the engine could perform at its best once again.

Power with a Blend Remap

While addressing the EGR fault, the customer also requested a bit more power from their F-Pace. We love a challenge, and our blend remap delivered just that. By optimizing the engine's performance parameters, we achieved an impressive increase of 20bhp and an additional 60Nm of torque. This enhancement not only boosts the driving experience but also ensures smoother and more responsive performance.

Why Choose Autotuner?

  • All-in-One Solution
  • Datalogging and DTC Features
  • Intuitive Software and Responsive Support
  • No Subscriptions – Free Updates
  • Comprehensive Pack Content
  • Compact and Portable

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